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DXD-130c horizontali peram sarcina apparatus (appendens)


The machine adopts the international advanced technology and can be used for the trilateral and four edge-sealing alumini um film bag packaged products, machine adopts PLC program control, with high precision weighing equipment, dedicated to micro particles, particlesand liquidity too smoothly. Potest solvere servo motricium coegi cochlea forsit, quae non molestionis measurement. Et apparatus late in cibo, pharmaceuticals, semina, pesticides et alia products of effective packaging, packaging metering praecisione, apparatu apparatu specie, firmum perficientur, facile ad agunt.


Pelagus Technical parametri

1.production Volo 40-80 (pera / min)
2.Filling Volubilis 120g
3.Mameensurationem praecisione ± 1.5%
4.maximum sacculum magnitudine CXL (W) × CLXXX (h) mm
5.Mlimum sacculum magnitudine LX (w) × LXX (h) mm
6.Maximumfilm-volvunt diameter 500mm
7.Roll scriptor interior diameter 70-80mm
8.Total Power 3.5KW
9.Voltage AC380V, L / 60Hz
10.Net pondere 850kg
11.dimension MMDCCC (L) × CML (W) × MMC (h) mm

Horizontalis pera sarcina apparatus


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