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Metal-Cap Vacuum Twist-Off Capping Machine

Metallum, cap Vacuum torquent-off capping apparatus
Nam metallum caps vacuo Agricola
Nam differni magnitudinum et figuras potest esse participes non mutare partes requiratur
  • FDB


torquent off capping apparatus

Machina Name: Metal, Cap Vacuum torquent-off Capping Machina

Typus: FDB

Machina Description:

Hoc vacuo capping apparatus maxime in speculo tres, quattuor, sex ferrum cap, premere cap duobus diversis celeritas balteus, quia duo cingulo celeritas differt, ita ad capping. Before capping ,blowing steam heating in the mouth of bottle ,blows away the cold air, change to high temperature steam ,capping immediately, according to the principle of thermal expansion ,after cold, the inside of bottle will have vacuum, to achieve the purpose de vacuo capping.

Details Pictures:

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Opus idoneam:




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