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TND-120 Lorem Recta-linea Directional Vestigium Machina


The sticker labeling machine is a positioning labeling machine for shaped of cylindrical bottles positioning labeling, with labeling fast, standard is smooth and accurate labeling, etc., the positioning bottle labelingcan be used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides and so on.

Pelagus Technical parametri

1. facultatem ≤6000 (B / h)
2. Applicatae Label Altitudo 50-140mm
3 Label altitudo applicabiles 50-320mm
4. Labeling praecisione ± 1mm
5 labeling celeritate 0-30 (m / min)
6. Voltage AC220V, L / 60Hz
7 Summa Power 1.5kw
8 Net pondus 350kg
9. DIMENSION MM (L) × DCC (W) × MCCC (h) mm
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